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Deliver eBills to thousands of bank websites today!

Inlet is an eBill delivery platform, created by Pitney Bowes and Broadridge Financial Solutions, which is connected to more than 3,000 bank and credit union online bill payment sites across the U.S.

Inlet helps you reach customers who are paying their bills at thousands of banks and credit unions across the country. There are no upfront integration costs, and for most companies, no IT resources are required. Through Inlet's vast distribution network to financial institutions and other major consumer destinations, you'll increase your speed of payment while lowering your payment processing costs.

How does Inlet work? Watch this quick video.

Rev up your paperless strategy. With Inlet, your customers can receive their digital documents via the online channels they love. Whether it's through the most popular cloud storage destinations, the best productivity apps and new digital mailbox solutions or their bank website, you can now be where your customers are, 24/7.


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