One out of three millennials don't look at their bills

Shredded, trashed or buried, reading their bills or statements is not a priority for 33% of millennials.

They aren't ignoring you; they're just ignoring the paper bills and statements that you are sending them. They may also be ignoring the static email with just a basic link to view their bill.

Now is the time to digitally engage your customer. Use your important communications such as bills and statements and turn them into opportunities for real interaction.

Inlet is a secure B2B digital platform that sends documents such as statements and bills from brands like yours to customers via the online channels that are popular today. Your customer is already scanning their stuff and saving it to sites like Dropbox – let us help you better take advantage of that process.

It’s no longer a question of driving people to your website, it’s a matter of meeting your customers online and on their terms.

Going paperless is a benefit of digital document delivery but there are so many other benefits:
  • Better consumer experience with your brand
  • Less spending on customer service calls
  • Faster online payments
  • More marketing opportunities

Inlet can connect your brand with major destinations such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Evernote, Jack Henry iPay which has access to more than 3,000 banks and credit union websites and more. Contact Us Today.

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