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Are you digitally engaging your millennial customers?

It may seem like a daunting task but making your online billing and statement presentment process more interactive and engaging doesn’t have to be scary – anymore.

Inlet is a secure digital document delivery platform that enables you, the provider, to have a better conversation with your millennial customers online, on their terms.

Through just a single (and simple) integration, we distribute digital documents to your customers through major online channels such as bank bill pay sites, personal cloud storage services, digital mailboxes and more.

You save time since there’s no burden on your IT resources and you save money since a better online experience means faster payments and less customer service needs. Plus, a more engaged customer means higher retention rates – so it’s win, win. Let us help you build a stronger digital relationship with your customers today.


How Millennials Are Changing the Conversation

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Christopher Johnson
VP, Product Management, Inlet
Monday April 18, 2016
2:15 pm–3:15 pm

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How does Inlet work? Watch this quick video.

Rev up your paperless strategy. With Inlet, your customers can receive their digital documents via the online channels they love. Whether it's through the most popular cloud storage destinations, the best productivity apps and new digital mailbox solutions or their bank website, you can now be where your customers are, 24/7.