The Check Is In The (Digital) Mailbox.

February 2nd at 1 PM EST

With more than 70 percent of people still holding tight to their paper statements, bridging the gap between traditional paper-based delivery and newer channels such as mobile apps, websites and social media could be the key to keeping more digitally-minded customers engaged.

Investing in the right emerging technologies and initiatives can not only help to enrich the customer relationships, but also enable them to receive faster payments and boost their competitiveness in a rapidly changing digital marketplace.

To learn more about the right digital strategies for keeping a brand top of mind for consumers and support a company’s multi-channel distribution strategy, join the live digital discussion hosted by Inlet’s CEO Chuck Cordray and VP/GM Chris Johnson along with MPD CEO Karen Webster on Tuesday, February 2 at 1:00 PM (EST).

Chuck Cordray
CEO, Inlet

Chris Johnson
VP and General Manager, Inlet

Karen Webster
CEO, MPD and

The digital discussion will explore a range of topics related to optimizing multi-channel digital strategies to increased customer engagement, including:

  • How to take advantage of exciting emerging technologies
  • Learn how digital document delivery can accelerate 2016 business goals, including paperless adoption
  • The leading industry trends and best practices related to digitally serving customers and the ability to bring more value to the relationship