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Gain access to nearly 4,000 banking and credit union bill payment sites - be where your utility consumers are.

Inlet is a secure, eBill delivery platform that streamlines access to an ever-expanding digital ecosystem.

We distribute documents to your customers through consolidators like bank bill pay systems and digital mailboxes. Inlet also enhances the brand and customer experience, and provide actionable insights to drive more effective communications.

One integration connects your solution to your utility consumers, where they want to receive their content. In 2015, Inlet is expanding to various destinations representing more than 100 million additional consumer accounts.

Some of the Inlet key features include:

  • Metadata-tagged enhanced documents
  • Customizable marketing package
  • 7-year archiving
  • Multi-layered, advanced security
  • Works with existing mailstreams and processes
  • Consolidated reporting across channels

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