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Who is the chief paperless officer at your company?  We don’t come across that title often but when we do, it is thrilling. 

Currently, “paperless” initiatives have multiple owners but no home – operations, marketing, technology, product, finance — all have their hand in increasing paperless adoption and eBilling, while also increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

We recently saw this job posting by Citi and we couldn’t help but celebrate, and of course take note that a major innovative leader such as Citi is recognizing the value of this role.

SVP, Drive-to-Paperless Strategy & Marketing Lead
“This role will primarily be responsible for the strategy and marketing of our drive to paperless strategy and marketing, and will lead the end to end strategy for driving paperless enrollments, which includes journey enhancements, analytics behind drivers, segmentation, and marketing.”

By having a single view of the customer’s paperless journey, this role can make a significant impact on a company’s overall productivity.  Expecting silos within major companies to break down and collaborate overnight isn’t reasonable, instead a “paperless officer” will make everyone’s job easier and most importantly, have the customer’s best experience in mind.

The question isn’t “if” but more of “when.” When will more companies realize that digital adoption is happening and it doesn’t have to be painful.  Inlet works with major companies across telco, retail and other verticals in activating digital document delivery and boosting paperless adoption – and when we have that internal champion spearheading paperless, everyone wins. 

So if you’re a digital maven, an early adopter or a paperless czar, then be sure to check out this opening at Citi…or just make the case for having this role at your own company.  It’s inevitable!


Lolita Verny-Acosta
Director, Marketing & Communications


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