New Research and White Paper Explores Priorities, Barriers and Opportunities Facing Utilities Digital Communication Today


65% of utilities say that improving their customers’ digital experience is a high priority

SPOKANE, WA – September 14, 2016 – Inlet, a digital document technology platform, today released a new white paper that explores opportunities for innovation and partnerships that enable utilities to readily deliver billing that enhances customer digital experiences. The white paper was developed by Zpryme, a research and media organization that focuses on the energy industry, and unveiled at the Utility Payment Conference taking place this week in Spokane.

Titled, “Digital Demands: Exceeding Customers’ Ever-Changing Digital Expectations Through Billing,” this white paper explores the evolving digital desires of customers and how utilities are embracing cost-effective and innovative approaches to exceed the digital experience demanded by customers.

Zpryme executed two comprehensive surveys—one focused on 3,000 customer responses and one completed by 115 utility representatives. Key findings include:

  • Over 80% of the utilities surveyed expect their organization to add more e-billing options through third party partners in the future.
  • Privacy, security, and greater control are utilities’ top three concerns with digital billing.
  • 75% of utility respondents are at least somewhat comfortable sharing billing data with a customer’s financial institution.

"According to our research, 65% of utility respondents agree that improving the customer’s digital experience is a high priority," said H. Christine Richards, research director, Zpryme. "The digital experience is important, but the question utilities must address now is: how do utilities really deliver digital experiences that truly meet incredibly high customer expectations set by their interactions with other industries?"

“Today’s customer has different needs and manages up to a dozen of their most important providers via websites, apps and more. Everything has to live digitally and interact seamlessly – within a couple clicks, 24/7. Particularly, utilities are beginning to realize that millennials are a significant audience and that their needs are becoming equally as important as older generations,” said Christopher Johnson, Vice President and General Manager, Inlet. Later today, Johnson will be revealing new data from the white paper at this Utility Payments Conference panel, “Beyond Paperless.”

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