Webinar: Evolution In Digital Delivery

Taking Paperless Adoption To The Next Level



Smash through the “paperless plateau” by giving your customers a great digital experience.

If you’d like to give your customers a five-star digital experience and drive your paperless adoption rates higher, this webinar is for you. The session features analysts from Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends and Cygne Advisors, sponsored by Inlet. You’ll hear insights from an expert who achieved 80% paperless adoption rates – while boosting engagement and satisfaction scores.

Inlet connects to thousands of financial institutions, plus popular digital destinations, enabling your company to light up new delivery destinations. Customers have high expectations for digital servicing, and Inlet helps billers meet those expectations by putting the customer in control, offering a “biller-direct experience” within the bank web site, and the convenience of receiving and paying all their bills from a consolidated location. 

During the webinar we further explored:

  • How delivering bills and statements to customers digitally can lead to faster and cheaper payments, improvements to customer service and brand engagement.

  • Incremental changes to online bill pay can yield better engagement with customers, increase adoption rates and reduce payment exceptions.

  • Connecting to a digital ecosystem rather than individual digital delivery channels reduces technology costs and offers more adoption opportunities.


Meet The Panel


David Stabel
Director Customer Communications Advisory Service
Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends


Keanon Swan
Principal Advisor
Cygne Advisors

Russ Chacon
Vice President & General Manager